Mumbai and its monsoon worries from a mom’s perspective.

There are always wonderful memories associated with monsoons. The getting drenched in the rain, playing different games with friends, the hot food, the new raincoats and umbrellas and a sudden leave from school due to heavy rains. For a child the season of monsoon seems to be their favourite as they get to play in their, “Peppafavourite”, “muddy puddles”. They love to splash water on each other while walking and love to swirl their paper boats in the same big and small puddles.

They get thrilled at watching the rain drops go splitter splatter and they just cannot wait to show off their fancy and adorable raincoats and umbrellas to their friends. Well, such is the innocence and happiness of kids and such is childhood which needs to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Now, that was monsoons from the eyes of a child, how would you describe this season from the eyes of a parent? As a parent I definitely see this season as some time to sip on hot coffee while watching the rains from my window. I think about soft soothing music and long drives.

Then suddenly I realize the city I live in, Mumbai and its unpredictable weather. I think of the many pothole filled roads. The pot holes are so many that sometime I even wonder if there was a road ever built? As a mom I worry about the many unknown bugs the weather brings with it. I wonder how will I keep my child warm in this humid wet weather.

As a child, I think, one of the most favourite things is to put our unwashed hands and littered toys in our mouth. As a mother, I am constantly trying to sanitize almost everything that is within my child’s reach. I want to keep my child healthy and happy too. The weather of this city which can turn muddy puddles into knee high water in a few hours is always worrisome.

Even though I love rains but I just cannot stand the mess the rains create. I absolutely dislike stepping into mud and muck. I immediately worry about the many germs that are present in there. My concern hovers over diseases like malaria, typhoid, leptospirosis and off course the easily occurring cough and cold.

All my weapons are already out, warm clothes, warm food, home remedies, regular medicines and the steamer. Why so much distress, I sometimes wonder. Well, the agony follows because having a child with low or average immunity is always bothersome. The wetness, humidity and the unhygienic conditions, this delightful weather brings with it, doesn’t let it stay wonderful always for a mum.

They say kids are like little flowers that need nurturing and care to blossom into wonderful humans. The world today is so competitive and has so much to offer that as a parent, I would want my child to follow his/her dreams. A small thing like a weather change or playing in a few muddy puddles shouldn’t become a barrier in my child’s happiness and dreams. Water logging days shouldn’t stop my child from exploring or going to his favorite football class.

From taking care of their food intake, to taking care of what material of clothing they wear, to their sleep routines, to the different brands we choose for their care, we are always watchful about the tiniest of things. I personally feel, the tiny steps we take in being considerate and thoughtful for their upbringing really go a long way.

As parents, we gradually need to make a shift in their routines. I made little alterations to my boy’s sleep and food schedule for him to have a peaceful sleep. I reduced the intake of sugary foods in his diet and limited it to one a week treat. I was even able to win the gadget war with him, where screen time was limited to just 30 minutes a day and we had almost won the world war, when we didn’t use mobile phone for five days in a row.

Then I also gave my daily bath and care routine a thought. I knew I was using the gentlest products for my child to ensure that he wasn’t exposed to harmful chemicals. I then decided to use a small cupful of an antiseptic or disinfectant for his bath water. I also ensured he washed his hands with a gentle and paraben free hand wash whenever he is back to his abode.

With a few dietary additions like a teaspoon of honey, few dry fruits, dates, limiting junk food to once a week and few alternations to our personal hygiene, this Mumma is slowly beginning to let go of her “Mumbai Chi Monsoon” worries.

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