Tips for getting kids to focus better.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them”. I haven’t said something that we don’t know.As a woman and a parent, I know

We seldom see our children being restless and we try various ways to get them to calm down and get occupied with something. As a trainer, tutor and a mother, I often try and find various ways to keep my little one engaged. On days that both of us are extremely busy we find it hard to follow the tiny rules of parenting.

Recently on a lazy day when both of us had a lot of time off our daily routine, we both decided to just lay in bed and talk!! He shared many stories of what his friends said and what he said in return. He shared stories about school and I shared stories about work.

We made funny faces at each other, made silly songs and went into a laughter riot too!! We binged on biscuits and chips too. We just had some time together that was completely different than what I expect and try and instill on other days!!

Here are few things I realized and these lessons will go with me for a long time. These are some wisdom facts that may have been listed down a multiple times however I had the luxury to discover and cherish.

Some simple tips to help your children get over restlessness and curb their anxiety and being fidgety!!


  •  Acknowledge their feelings –  We often ask our children to either stop screaming and crying when they are anxious or upset. Instead, tell them that you understand that are not feeling great and happy however if they tell you the matter calmly, you can definitely help them feel better. Read the previous post that gives you alternatives to yelling at your child alternatives to yelling.
  • Limit their screen time –  We all know the effects of screen time for ourselves and our children but we also need to find alternatives to the use of it. I know and agree, its always easier to hand your child the gadget however after trying a few times, its also easier to hand your child a paper and some colors. It’s added fun when you join the drawing and coloring too. You also have plenty of activity boxes available online which come with some great activities to keep your child busy!! Some of them are  firstcry intellikit,flintoboxmagic crate.
  • Give clear and simple directions –  If you want your child to get something done then break down instructions for your child. Keep your sentences short and keep repeating them for your younger children to understand.
  • Let them observe you. Children learn best by observing, if you want them to do something, you have to show it to them. Be their guide and their leader!!
  • Games are always fun –  Play and learn.Children learn the most complicated of lessons if they are having fun while learning it.I remember teaching my little students a script while I made funny faces and stood on one leg and narrated it. Most children are aural and visual learners. Puzzles, games, flash cards are all interesting ways to help them learn.
  • Let them know you are there –  Above all the materialistic things are children need, they need assurance, which lets them know that there are adults who love them. They need unconditional, love, support and guidance. They need to feel secure in expressing themselves always. No matter how busy you are, never shush children who is trying to express themselves.

It is always easy to attend to your children’s materialistic needs, its a little difficult to attend to their emotional needs. Letting your children know that they are always secure, engaging them in activities and they being able to explore will help them build focus. Once they have built their focus and attention skills, they will be ready to learn other life skills too!!

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