In it together!!

Have you ever wanted to sit down and read a book or watch a TV show? Have you ever wanted to enjoy a meal you cooked with a lot of effort? Have you ever wanted to enjoy a simple cup of tea or coffee? I’m sure your answer is a yes in all of the mentioned scenarios.

What if I were to tell you that all of these things seem a little difficult when you have a toddler in the house. In of my previous posts I have covered a few activities on how to keep your little one engaged.Tips to keep your little one engaged!!

In this post I am going to tell you, how you can keep your involve your child in an activity that you want to do.

They say and eye for an eye but I say a book for a book.

There are times when you want to just enjoy reading a few pages from your favorite book but cannot because your little one wants you to entertain him/her. So try handing out a colorful book to your child to flip through the pages. You can even start off my introducing the story or idea behind the book to your child. In fact with my four years plus boy I sometimes try and animate the tone of my voice while I’m reading my own book. He pops up into my lap and we tend to repeat some words together and I also tell meaning of some words to him which help improve his vocabulary.

It’s coloring time.

I have few friends who enjoy coloring but cannot as they can’t manage the time for it. I have seen some recent posts on social media how involving children in colors makes them happy. I have tried this – we have clothes kept aside for painting days and we have a painting spot. I hand out books and colors to my little one and sit in the same space. We talk about what each of us is going to paint. Here I’m enhancing his communication skills, helping him concentrate on multiple tasks (painting and talking) and also exposing him to the wonderful world of colors. There is a cute video of the bollywood actor Salman Khan’s nephew doing rounds of social media.Have a look Cute Painting Video

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach they say!!

Well, this saying applied to me. I love food. I like cooking it and presenting it. I often cut of shaped from fruits and vegetables and ask my son to make shapes or figures out of it. This not only builds his interest in food but he also relishes what he has made. Also, often, when I am cooking I give him some beans or cereals to count and sort. There are some great ideas available online that you can use to build your child’s interest in food.

You can involve them in sports, yoga, take them for runs. We can involve our kids in anything we want to. We just need to be there to guide them and love them.

Our children will grow out of our laps and hugs soon. Soon enough, they may not need the guidance, care and help they need now. This time is extremely important to help them grow into wonderful human beings. Time may not always permit you to do fancy things however try and find joy in the little things. When children are with their parents everything can be turned into a fun activity.Make the most of the time you have with them.

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