The Local Train Saga!!

I like travelling by trains as a lone traveler, it gives me the opportunity to look around and ponder.Well if you are a traveler, who travels through the local trains in Mumbai then you are a very learned person. Travel through local trains in Mumbai gives you lessons of patience, risk management ( you risk your self after all trying to breeze through the crowd), learning different languages ( abuses are sometimes hurled in various dialects after all) and you also get learn about time management( people try and complete a few tasks if they are travelling a longer route, for e.g chopping vegetables, phones calls or catching up on web/tv series.

Through one such lone trip, I glanced up through my phone because of the literal “pain in the neck”,the phone had given me.The faces of people around me were completely unfamiliar however there were a few familiar struggles I could relate to!

I was travelling in the general compartment which meant, I had more men than women in that compartment. Its a universal rule that when you have men and women under the same roof it is bound to be chaotic in one way or the other.

I found the following category of people around me:

The Lechers

These people would lech at you for a simple fact that you are a woman.It doesn’t matter what you wore and they would leave no opportunity to try and brush past you.

The Conversationalist

This category would have a few sub categories too.

1) The senior citizens- This lot probably doesn’t have too many people to converse with when home or they pity this era of people who talk more digitally and less physically.

2) The Real Conversationalists – This lot likes to converse about everything, from politics to fashion, from beauty to travel. Some of these conversationalists turn out to be pretty cool people too!

3) The Ladies Special-Β  Here you’ll hear all sorts of women woes, from family saga to work troubles. If you are fortunate, you’ll get your turn to speak as well.

The FriendsΒ 

We all love travelling with friends and what better company to have than of a friend to chat and move around with.

The Unsolicited Lot

This lot you’ll find almost everywhere and not just in the trains. They will have an unsolicited advice to give or a remark to make for everything you do. The best tip to handle them, is to smile and ignore them.

The Worker

This lot is the hurried worker, traveler, who just wants to get to work as soon as they can!

Travel through local trains is pretty much like your regular life. You will meet people who will push you, some will pick u up and some will protect you. Often our travel routes and routines are similar to life experiences, some give you heart break, some give you happens, some life lessons and some just stay as memories to cherish forever!!

Travel makes your life beautiful, grab every opportunity you can to add the sparkle of adventure and happiness in your life.




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