Famous Avenger dialogues are similar to parenting and life advice.

Parenting is really a magical job. You really need some invisible power and magic to say “I Love You 3000” to your child when sometimes, all you really want to do is to clobber them or just run away from them! There is a flip side to every emotion and feeling and there are few more to parenting. In my opinion, it is really a roller coaster ride with its highs and lows. There are times when you enjoy each of the highs and lows equally and then, there are times when you burst out like a leaking faucet, at the smallest turn over of events. Well yes, that is parenting, it’s a beautiful blend of every single emotion that you would have never experienced, until you became a “PARENT” !!

So, while, this parent is going through a turmoil of having to watch a Marvel Movie too often than she wants and wondering, it’s never really over until its over. I sat there thinking how brilliantly my child wants to follow everything that his favorite Avenger does, especially Spider man and I wondered, some of these dialogues that have taken the Avenger Fandom by storm are really the things we parents, tell our children or want to tell our children but the effect of it depends on who really says them.

Here are a few dialogues by some of these extremely influential people that I can very easily relate to because I have often said them, obviously not in the same way. Maybe I should try on a costume to see if it works? OK, let’s start with his favorite Avenger first –

Spider man – “Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: ‘With great power, comes great responsibility”.

That’s easy to understand, isn’t it? No matter what phase of life you are in, with every changing phase, role or power, you tend to attract an equal amount of responsibility and you got to fulfill it.

Iron Man – “Sometimes you gotta run before you walk “.

This talks about being impulsive sometimes and taking that risk. It’s very similar to taking that leap of faith isn’t it? As a parent, every once in a while, I want my child to think of his feet and go out there and “just do it”.

Thor – The God of Thunder and Lightning said, “I choose to run towards my problems and not away from them”.

Well, that is the ideal way to deal with them. Accept what your situation is, the more you run away from it, the closer you will be to it, because the world is round after all!!

Hulk –  “Hulk Smash”

You’ve got to smash it sometimes. Like just act immediately, just smash it and move on mate! It’s sometimes like a reflex to a situation  because seldom brooding over it just makes it grow bigger.

Captain America – “I can do this all day”

That actually sums up what parenting is all about. You do it all day and every day. It also tells you that it doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down, you have to get up and get going with it and your character and your values will be your shield.


Sometimes, in life nothing will make sense. You vision is going to be stupefied and cloudy, your path will be barely visible. Everything you did or are doing will seem senseless but then, you will eventually see the light and realize that you have to take a shot. Take a shot at everything that seems worth caring about! We want our children to experience both strength and fear, so that they know the difference.

Black Widow –I only act like, I know everything”

This is so important to do, act like you know even when you don’t and there is a thin line between being confident and being over-confident. You also have to know how to multi-task, because time is no-one’s friend, not even to “Avengers”!

To end it, my favorite quote so far which is all about what we eventually do –

Heroes are made by the path they choose, not by the powers they are graced with

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