Few Options Of Home Decor 🏩

I have always loved cafes, cottages and hotels that have a mixture of the antique and modern in their decor.While I adore the lamps, the wooden furniture, the brick wall look, the giant windows, I am not a fan of huge paintings.Framed quotes, one liners and thoughts always inspire me.Being a bookworm,.I adore bookshelves with neatly lined books to read.

I love to visit flea markets, exhibitons because they tend to showcase products that are not in the showrooms.It gives an opportunity to many entrepreneurs and craftsmen to showcase their talent.

Here is my take on few must haves you need ti have in your house.

β–Ά Energy efficient Utilities.

Make sur your house has a corner that is dedicated specially for reading and work.The lighting in this corner needs to be good.In other rooms you can have lamps or lanterns with soft lights.You can have lamps or small chandeliers with multiple light options.Now you have options that help you conserve electricity too. You have a lot of options on Pinterest and Google.

β–Ά Space saving and accident free furniture.

While we all love big and lavish sofas to lounge around on, we also need to look at how to manage space.If you are planning to have a baby then you will have to childproof your house eventually.Opt for furniture that is tranformable and doesn’t have sharp corners or edges. Opt for furniture that has storage space options too.

β–Ά Security systems.

Its not a mandatory option but I suggest you should have one incase you are living in a nuclear family and plan to leave your baby with a househelp.

β–Ά Fancy decor items.

You will need them incase you have guests visiting occasionally.A fancy bean bag or fancy carpets with colourful cushions. can be turned into an indian sitting.Some electric diyas or lights can make the atmosphere pleasant.

β–Ά Bookshelves and games

Since the world has been taken over by gadgets.Its good to have books for various age groups displayed on your bookshelf.Board games are the new trendy thing.Its a good way to keep people away from gadgets.

You can also choose to have wallpapers if there is no leakage in the house.Wooden floorings or laminates tend to give a rich look to the house.Convertible tables and charsare a good way to save space.You have alot of websites that sell furniture online.My favourite one being #urbanladder.I got my fancy cushions, curtains and carpets from Amazon to give my hallroom a very desi look for a small family gathering we had recently.

A house becomes a home when everyone around is happy and loving.So stay happy and love always 😘

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