It doesn’t work any longer!!

I worked for the corporate sector for 10 long years and having started working early, I really liked how everything was so organized and how each individual was held accountable for their own work. Well it’s a different thing when you have people report to you, you are held accountable for all of their work as well. You are held accountable even for their absenteeism and their attrition,well its almost like a spiderman movie you see, with great power comes great responsibility!! 

Well, so to cut the long story short, having spent almost 1/3 of my life in a corporate, I thought I knew everything, well at least almost everything about the work culture,.I thought since I had people from varied backgrounds and cultures report to me, I knew a lot about people too!! Then came the time of awakening, I had to bid adieu to a job I didn’t know I liked until i had left it for a bigger job of being a parent. 

I spent a lot of sleepless nights, say almost over a year of sleepless nights with my now four year old.While I had these sleepless nights, I couldn’t help but think over my job at the BPO and how I could better it!! I was soon a part of an entrepreneurship and that’s when I realized that I hadn’t really known that there is a different class of people that exists outside my elite crowd. These were the kind of people that give you life lessons, the kind of people you should be networking with and the kind of people you should be staying away from. The kind of people that will always help you, the kind of people who will take your help and never express gratitude and the kind of people you need to get your work done.

I am often in awe of how times have changed from when we were teenagers and how everything is so fast paced that being able to remove some time for ourselves is almost a luxury. Its ironic that we have almost all the things that were once termed luxurious and we still lack good health and peace of mind. 

While battling through these thoughts, one thought that usually baffles me is the “Chalta hain”, attitude of people. For some of us everything is OK and everything is right! Whether it is bribing someone, lying to someone, backstabbing someone, shrugging of professional and personal responsibilities, everything is alright for these people. 

In the year 2015, a website called had listed twenty examples of the chalta hain attitude in people most of which were meant to have humor.  The problem arises when people shrug of responsibilities and expect others to fulfill them citing the chalta hain attitude!

I wonder what would happen when a lot of us turned around and said, “yeh nahi chalta and nahi chalega”. Would it lead to thoughts of wanting to bring in some change? Would it bring about reforms? Would it make any difference? 

May be, may be not!! I am however going to give it a try and see if it works in my favor or not. I think, humne bahut chala liya, ab nahi chalega boss!!

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