The Shooting Star ⛤

Usually stories begin in the day and come to an end when the day ends too! This one begins at night………

The shooting stars were her favorite sight…she could sit for hours waiting for a shooting star, staring at the moonlit night.

People often spoke about being someone’s sunshine or being someone’s shelter in a massive storm. She however wanted to be everyone’s moon light on a dark night because its the darkness that brings  with it fears and secrets.Its the darkness people want to fight and she wanted be their guiding light in the dark!!

She was always there for everyone like she always promised except for the few times when life really took her down!!

There it was, a shooting star and she wished again for  the same wish, she had wished for years now and the wish was,  for all her wishes to come true! At least that way she didn’t have to worry remembering what to wish for!

Among all her wishes her wish for herself was to always be someone’s guiding star and there she was smiling beautifully as always wearing  her favorite blue dress.

Her picture on the wall was adorned with her favorite yellow roses, something that was done differently than the usual custom. This tradition had to be modified only for her just like how she had helped her loved ones break free from the biased traditions of the society.

She always was different, being partially autistic is always termed by society as being differently-abled.

She had learnt to drive recently, something  that was new and unusual for her and  wanted to take her car for a spin with a friend who agreed to accompany her.

The truck driver however didn’t  see her light, after all stars don’t come out in the day! The car wasn’t as strong as her to withstand the blow. Her friend however survived because the world needed someone to hear her story of bidding  adieu!!

God liked her a little more than others I guess, she shone the brightest among her group of stars!!

Wishes always come true! God has already decided when and how it will come true!!

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